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Hi & Welcome to ApparelCuts!

On this page you will find a growing collection of resources that are mainly created for small shops that sell apparel online. We launched in April'19 with our first resources and the Spreadshirt for Wordpress Plugin in particular. While we don't have that many resources yet, we sure will grow our archive in the upcoming months.

We believe in affordable and reliable resources for everyone. For this reason, we decided to fund this project via the crowdfunding platform Patreon. While we try to make resources free whenever possible, some are only available to our Patrons. We think that this is a fair deal, that allows us to suistanable produce and update affordable resources.

Please feel free to leave us feedback at If you like what we do, please become a Patron. "I'm a Patron" sounds dope, doesn't it?

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What's next?

Resources that are already in production and will be released shortly.


Women's U-Neck/Boat Neck Sleeve Top Clothehanger Mockup 90% finished


Unisex T-Shirt by American Apparel Clothehanger Mockup 90% finished


Drawstring Bag Mockup 90% finished


Tote Bag Mockup 80% finished


Women's Tank Top with deep-cut arm holes Clothehanger Mockup 80% finished


Women's Tank Top by Bella Clothehanger Mockup 80% finished

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