Templates & Theming

In this post, I will talk about how you can modify how the plugin displays content.

Template Hierarchy

The templates included with the Plugin can easily be replaced. To do this, you start by looking at the templates folder in the Plugins root directory.

Never modify files in this directory! You will lose all your changes as soon as you install an update!

Instead of modifying these files directly, you can copy them to your theme. Just keep the same folder structure. For example you want to create a folder called “sfw” in the root of your theme. Only copy files you actually want to modify.

You are advised not to remove Action Hooks when modifying templates. From time to time we may add new Hooks to the default templates, it is recommended to read the Changelog and keep your custom templates up-to-date.

If your are not the author of your Theme, you want to create a Child Theme.