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Spreadshirt for Wordpress is a powerful tool to create a fully customized Spreadshirt shop. Build with developers in mind.


Customize the Plugin with hundreds of Hooks & Filters in PHP and Javascript


Shopdata will be synced with your Wordpress database


Discover how the Plugin works. The source code is well documented and the Docs are constantly growing


Create a shop full of your own content that search engines will love


Different caching techniques to store persistent data as efficiently as possilbe. Database queries are reduced to the minimum

Design Variants

Group multiple Designs which will appear to your customer as a single Design. Child Designs inherit settings from their parent.


Only Pro Version

Plan Promotions and let them show off on registered theme locations

Premium Icons

Only Pro Version

Our premium iconset is included and ready to use


Only Pro Version

Manage your own departments. Departments group products by their producttype. e.g. "Hoodies", "Shirts" or "Great Gifts"

Designer Integration

Your customers can use Spreadshirts Sketchomat to customize your products

Deeplink Generator

Create infinite T-Shirt Designers with different default settings

Edit & Share

Copy and share the current url while using the Sketchomat. Hit the History-Back button in your browser to view previous configurations


Embed content into existing posts & pages with Shorttags

Shippingcosts Calculator

Clone of Spreadshirts shipping calculator

Remote Pages

Include content from Spreadshirts service pages directly in your shop

Categories & Tags

Plugin comes with Categories and Tags, for Products and Designs.

Shared Basket

For the T-Shirt Designer App and your Wordpress shop

More Data

Add or replace descriptions for producttypes, brands, categories and tags. Search engines will love that.

Template Tags

The Plugin comes with hundreds of Template Tags. You don’t have to deal with the API.

Javascript Events & API

Use Hooks & Filters in Javascript to change how the plugin behaves

Proxy Rest API

Easy to use Javascript interface that sends all your request through the integrated php proxy


Many CSS Classes for flexible styling.

Splitted Sources

JS & CSS is splitted in multiple files, just dequeue what you don't need

Secure Line

All requests made through https


Change your descriptions with the power of the Wordpress wysiwyg texteditors. Make text bold, add images or YouTube Videos.

Power of Wordpress

Your products and designs support all nice features like comments or featured images

Full Control

Change the visibility of your products and designs through wordpress post states


Useful links point you directly to your Spreadshirt Userarea or let you take a look at raw api responses

Wordpress World

Thousands of Wordpress Plugins wait to complete the functionality of your shop. How about User Reviews, SEO or Patreon funded shirts?

Theme Integration

Integrates in your existing themes with some elementary templates that can easily be overridden. Including some extended support for Wordpress default themes

Made for you

Missing a feature or requiring a new hook? Just create a Feature Request

Feature Voting

Only Pro Version

Vote for planned features and decide which feature should be implemented better sooner than later


Feel free to use the forums and talk about anything

Early Bird

Only Pro Version

Receive shorter update cycles & faster bugfixes

Priority Support

Only Pro Version

Receive help with a higher priority than users of the free plugin.


Only Pro Version

With the pro version, you also receive access to all other Apparelcuts Resources

  Planned Features 

These Features will most likely be implemented soon!

Product Shorttags

Display products in posts Ad-like


Display products & designs in Sidebar Widgets


Blocks with shop content for the new Wordpress default editor

Plugin Compatibility

Only Pro Version

Taking a closer look into compatibility with the most popular wordpress plugins for SEO and caching


Only Pro Version

A fully functional and well designed theme


Only Pro Version

A customizable ranking algorythm

Basket Analytics

Only Pro Version

See what your customers put in their baskets and how ofter they try to use the checkout

Shared Basket Between Shops

Only Pro Version

Cross Domain baskets between multiple shops

Other Features that might be part of a Future Release: Language Switching, Virtual Products, Image Replace, API Extensions ( similar Appearances, german grammar help ), Newsletter Template Generation, Automatic Synchronization, Admin Status E-Mails

Create your shop now

To download the Pro Version you must become a member of Apparelcuts and support us via Patreon.

Pro for Patreons

As long as you are an entitled Patron you receive the following feautures:

All listed Pro Features
Shorter Update Cycles
Higher support priority
Download all Apparelcuts Resources
Current Version 1.0.17


As a Free User you receive:

Limited Support
No regular Updates
Limited Features
Current Version 1.0.1

The Plugin requires PHP 5.5 and Wordpress 5.1 as it relys on Javascript APIs introduced with the Gutenberg Editor. The Gutenberg Editor itself is not required. • Javascript is based on jQuery.

Translations currently include: German, English





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